“A space that connects people”

Designed to enrich human lives, Jumeirah Central is a visionary district that aims to connect people to their city and the city to its people. The district will comprise 4.4 million m2 of cutting-edge office, retail, hospitality and residential spaces networked with over 8 km of climate-controlled pedestrian streets, entertainment and leisure attractions.

With intelligently planned pedestrian arcades, shaded parks, plazas and barrier-free communal spaces this district focuses on livability, sustainability and functionality. A home for more than 35,000 residents, a workplace for tens of thousands, a destination for countless visitors - each aspect of Jumeirah Central will, in its own right, help shape the future of Dubai.


“A transit-oriented district”

Functional accessibility through integration of convenient transportation is the key priority in planning Jumeirah Central. Jumeirah Central will bring together for the first time, all of the city’s transport networks into one thoughtfully integrated smart system that will not only interconnect the areas of the district, but also unite Jumeirah Central with the surrounding neighbourhoods of Dubai.

With tens of thousands of car spaces, multiple metro stations, tram stops, bus terminals, bicycle paths, human-scale sidewalks, climate controlled pedestrian arcades and aerial gondolas, getting around will never be easier.


“An eco-friendly environment”

Jumeirah Central has been created with a “cleaner and greener” philosophy. To reduce our carbon footprint and preserve the future of Dubai, we’ve designed 50 new innovations and more than 30 new city parks, implemented environmental solutions such as natural shading, solar power, and energy and water saving systems to help build a sustainable and savvy city.


“A true sense of belonging”

The beauty of this city lies in the diversity of its people. So we’ve planned living and working environments to suit every budget. A place that over 35,000 people can call home and another 120,000 can be at work.


”A year round destination”

The region’s first all-season city centre district, Jumeirah Central has been envisioned and designed from the ground up, literally. From the infrastructure and urban layout to the tailoring of construction guidelines and building codes, every detail of the project is being planned to harmoniously adapt around the UAE climate. Shaded parks and arcades, as well as innovative temperature-controlled zones, will provide cooling comfort for residents and guests, encouraging community growth and neighbourly interaction.